I think every Seahawks fan has a different idea of what should be the game plan going forward from this moment. I know my ideas change with each game. It’s surprising to me to see how the dynamic of the team is changing on almost a weekly basis. It’s almost as though Pete Carroll is just doing a shotgun approach, changing the strategy each week to see if something fits. I find this a little frustrating to be honest because going from the championship winning team to a team that is barely holding on to playoff hopes is a little difficult to swallow.

I think we need a new style of coaching rather than one that seems a little panicked. It takes time to build a rhythm with new players and to be trying a new strategy each week doesn’t help our players adapt to each other. One of the things that I’ve learned being a paramedic is that in ACLS recertification online there is a specific routine. Maybe some of the strategies we have are not the best at saving lives but it is about reacting quickly and precisely and as a team that leads to our success. If I was to implement new techniques each time I was to perform ACLS recertification online, PALS certification, or BLS recertification I would be a less effective provider. You would think that Pete Carroll would know this by now but sometimes even the best coaches lose sight of the obvious.

I would really like to get some more opinions from my readers. I know that this is a hot topic right now among the other Seahawks fans so it would be good to get some input and start a little conversation. Feel free to leave a comment below. I don’t think my opinions are by any means the best and I like to see where other people are perceiving of the team as they are struggling to succeed.

At the hospital we discuss sports probably more than we talk about our patients a lot of the time. I love the atmosphere there and the support that I see our healthcare community have for the city. It’s amazing to see how we can not just be unified in medicine but also unified in sharing our love for the city and our cities teams. ┬áIf you are new to Seattle or even if you’ve been here a long time and haven’t gotten involved in the team sports of the city; I highly recommend that you start sharing in the community around you. To not take part in the city’s sports teams means you’re missing out on a culture that is a big part of what makes Seattle great.