PhiladelphiaIt’s high anticipation for todays game agains the Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles have been having an exceptionally good year this season. They are ranked 9-3 which is one better than our Seahawks being ranked at 8-4. Here is our chance to even the score and rise in the ranking within our league. It’s good news to know that we beat the Eagles last year but that doesn’t make it a sure thing this season. The dynamics of both teams have changed and our team is not showing as strong as it has in the past. That being said, we have been performing well lately in the league and seem to have gained a little bit of a rhythm and traction. I honestly thing that the Seahawks can make a big rebound this season and perform well in the playoffs.

Maybe I’m a little biased but I still believe we have one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I think Russell Wilson has to find how to best use his abilities with the new players surrounding him, but his talents have not changed. We need to remember that we now have a team made up of champions and they have a solid idea of what it takes to make it through to the end. Having the experience of going to the Super Bowl and winning gives our team a huge edge over any other team that is made up of fresh talent straight from the university.

In practice

Having a past Super Bowl under their belt gives our players a perspective that only comes with experience. They will more easily see the wholes in their strategy and solve problems that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Pete Carroll is a game changer and know how to read teams live on the field. That is one of my favorite characteristics of the coach. I’m constantly trying to read the other team and learn how to call and make big plays myself. I think that is the next step in evolving as a fan is being able to anticipate what your own team will do.

Other teams are not going into any game with the Seahawks unprepared. Most other teams have been studying everything there is to know about the Seahawks since last season. That is part of the disadvantage of being the reigning champions. Regardless Pete Carroll has come up with some great new plays and has definitely thrown in a few surprises for the other teams. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on the sidelines as a volunteer paramedic that has their ACLS recertification online, BLS certification, and PALS certification. While I’m at the games sometimes I even get to here some of the conversation of Pete Carroll with the other coaches. I’m amazed to see how his mind works along with the other coaches. I’m pretty grateful I decided to become a medical provider and get my ACLS recertification, PALS certification, and BLS certification online. It’s amazing how a simple ACLS course can give me such an opportunity.