While the Seattle Seahawks are not having their best season this year they still have the number one rated defense in the league and this last year it showed on the field against the Philadelphia Eagles. Surprisingly they were able to almost shut down the Eagles’ offense which has run more offensive plays than any other team in the league this last year.

City of SeattlePete Carroll was quoted for saying that his defense was not just ready but that they were prepared to meet the dynamic offense of the Philadelphia Eagles. That being said, Pete Carroll didn’t disappoint and most certainly met his promise on the field that day.

It was good to see a win for the Seattle Seahawks. This season I don’t go to the field with the sure expectation that our city’s team is going to come out the victor like I did last season. The idea that a team creates a dynasty of successive wins is unlikely anymore in the NFL and honestly I believe that is for the best. Now a win for the Seattle Seahawks comes as a nice surprise that lets me go home with a warm feeling in my heart. While the excitement may not be as high as last year, neither is the disappointment of a loss. That’s good news for my friends and family for those who know me. Nobody wants to see me after losing a game when there is a lot riding on the line.

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Even though we may have had a slow start this season I still think there is time for us to find a groove as a team. Many of the same elements that made us successful are still there in the team. Seeing some of those elements not connect or fall apart at important parts of the game just means the team has more potential than what they are currently living up to.

I have high expectations for the Seattle Seahawks for the late season. If anyone can bring this team back to where it was last year, it’s Pete Carroll. He has been one of my favorite coaches for years and I truly think he has the dynamic mind to make a strong team out of almost any situation.

Eagle Feeling DefeatedI didn’t have the chance to view the game from the sidelines this time around. As an ACLS recertification online and PALS certification online trained paramedic I had to work a shift at the hospital. Sometimes being having obtained my ACLS recertification online is a bit of a curse because it puts me at a higher demand at my job. This may mean I miss volunteering at the Seahawks games. That being said, I’m still happy I’m able to help other people. That’s the best part of my job.