If any of you can remember there were huge crowds lining the streets here in Seattle after the Super Bowl. As an exciting of a time it was, I had to work that night and it was extremely hectic. While I wasn’t here in Seattle, I was at the actual Super Bowl and it seemed there was no end for the need of healthcare providers with ACLS recertification online, PALS certification, and BLS certification. There were several instances I had to use my ACLS recertification online training to help resuscitate someone that had taken too many drugs or who had been injured due to an accident caused by alcohol. These are my least favorite things about the celebration of sports.

I feel that we can enjoy sports and still stay in control. It is one of my greatest disappointments when I see people behaving in a way that doesn’t represent our city of Seattle well. This being said, I really enjoyed seeing all the support the Seattle Seahawks had during the Super Bowl. Those that never showed interest in our team were really making an effort to enjoy our victory and support our team, even from across the country.

Super Bowl SnacksI think that support for the Seattle Seahawks was very regional. I know a lot of people in Florida were supporting the Denver Broncos. In some ways I wish I was down there just to watch their disappointment as the Seattle Seahawks destroyed their team. The results were not even close. The Seattle Seahawks had basically sealed their victory before the end of the first half.

Reflecting back on the game I regret that Percy left to play for the Jets. He was a great asset to our team. It seems without him the rhythm of our team just was not the same. We still retained a large number of great players but our offensive was definitely not as strong. At least we still have Russell Wilson, Lynch, and Sherman. With those three players we still have some of the biggest play makers in the league and there is no reason we can’t win another championship.

After the night of working as an ACLS recertified healthcare provider I was finally able to relax and enjoy the victory of the Seahawks. I called my Dad back in Seattle and told him about the experience. It’s rare he stays up late but he did that night to watch the Super Bowl and hear my experience down on the field. I honestly wish he could have been there himself. To be the person that instilled the interest and love of the Seahawks in me as a child and to miss out on that experience was a little disappointing for me. I love my Dad and watching the Seahawks will always be an experience that I prefer to share with him over anyone else. I don’t mean to say this to be dramatic or sappy but sometimes you need to be around those that are most important for you when you have memorable experiences. Thats honestly what makes life worth living.