Updated: October 1, 2016

Who would have believed that last nights results were going to be the final score of the game when the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals 35-6.  Everyone thought that is was going to be a close game and since the Cardinals beat the Seahawks earlier this season most believed that the cardinals had an edge over the Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks were on point last night in every possible way. There did not seem to be an area of their team that seemed to have a missing link during the entire game. I was impressed with how the Cardinals defense was able to stop the majority of runs by number 24, Lynch, but he was still able to make some incredible plays, even running down the entire field breaking tackles for a touchdown.

Nearing the end of the game the Cardinals started to get desperate and starting taking additional risks. The Seahawks were able to capitalize on their reckless passing behavior and widen the score gap even further showing a level of dominance that has been unsurpassed this entire season. The Seattle Seahawks defense was able to completely prevent the Arizona Cardinals from scoring a touchdown the entire game. This match against the Seahawks was a dramatic game changer for our position in the league. Our win to loss ratio is now the tied with the Arizona Cardinals at 11-4 and after last nights win we should have an extremely good seat in the playoffs since we are the number one seat in the conference.

The progress the Seattle Seahawks have shown since the pre-season has been incredible. I have to give the credit to Pete Carroll for bringing the team together and making a cohesive unit. Unfortunately it was an away game so I wasn’t on the field as a medical provider with ACLS. I guess having my ACLS certification online can’t get me into every game but even having the chance to be down on the field half the time is a great opportunity. I think we would all prefer to be an actual player on the field than to be a medical provider with ACLS PALS and BLS certification. We can’t all be born with the natural abilities to play pro football but at least we can all come together and enjoy the games together. I was proud to be wearing my Marshawn Lynch jersey when he ran the entire field breaking tackles for a touchdown. That play was the beginning of the Seahawks momentum that helped them win the game. After they gained the momentum they didn’t give it up.
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