Seahawks ManchildI should start off by telling you a little about myself. I was born in West Seattle in an area called Alki Beach and grew up in the area my entire life. I traveled a bit during college but since then I’ve spent my time here in the Seattle area working and building my life. As a young kid my dad used to take me to sporting events as one of the few things we would do together. He was always working at the post office and so I didn’t see him much because of our different schedules. His one day off a week was Sunday and we would use that day to mostly as a family. I had two sisters and two brothers so family activities could be pretty hectic. Well, often times our family activity meant going to the Seahawks stadium for the football games. We would always get the nosebleed seats but it didn’t matter. We always had a great time and it created memories for me that have not been matched since.

ACLS online certified paramedicI still watch the games with my dad every once in a while. We usually watch them at the house now that he is getting older. Sometimes I do take him to the games because I have season tickets that I’ve been buying since a little boy. One of the greatest experiences of my life as a fan of the Seahawks is when I got to work the Superbowl last year. I work as a paramedic trained in ACLS online certification and they needed some trained staff on site and the Superbowl.  I can’t tell you how exciting that was for me. To think a simple one hour class to earn my ACLS online certificate and I got an invite to work one of the biggest events in the country, if not the world.

Since then I’ve actually been working games here in Seattle every once in a while and have had some great opportunities to meet the players and see the ins and outs of how the team functions. It’s a completely different perspective from what you get in the stands being a 12th man.

Superbowl ChampsI called this site the 12th Manchild out of respect to my dad and our family activities growing up. He made me who I am today and instilled a memory and a love of football and my city. I’ve seen my dad at his best and also at his worst but during the football games we all came together. I know sometimes people bash on the expense in terms of tax dollars the stadium and other sporting venues cost the citizens but it truly is a great asset to the public to have a sports team. Just think what the city would be like in the winter time without a football team. Having the Seahawks playing every Sunday helps you forget about the rain for a few hours.

This last Superbowl was something I had been waiting for my entire life. Sure, we had come close to winning a couple times before but there is nothing like being there on the field to see your home town team take home the trophy. I know our season this year isn’t quite as exciting as last year. I think there is a little disappointment for our performance considering we were the top team just a few short months ago. Regardless, I will continue being a fan of the Seahawks and working their events as an ACLS online certified paramedic provider. You never know. I brought them luck last year being on the side lines. Maybe I can do the same in an upcoming season.


This is where I got my ACLS online certificate. They also teach other classes like PALS certification and BLS certification if you need them. PALS certification is for people who work with kids. BLS certifications is like the ACLS online certification but it is the basic interventions.